Sunday, July 20, 2008

Criminal Capers with Canines

  • He Should've Played Dead: At least one man's dad is no longer his best friend. The man, a bank robber in Scotland, knocked off a bank but left behind an unwitting accomplice -- his dog -- tied to a railing outside. The pooch's collar led police to his master's house, where officers made the collar. No word on whether the dog is an Irish Pointer.
  • No Need to Play Dead: Thieves in San Digeo should've checked their prime cuts. They thought they'd purloined frozen sirloins in the black plastic bags, but they ended up with icy -- and euthanized -- dogs, instead. The canine carcasses were in a freezer behind a pet hospital awaiting pick up by a medical waste service. Police believe the theives thought thefreezer belonged to a nerby restaurant. Makes you wonder if the restaurant ever gets confused. Gives new meaning to the term "doggie bag". OK, I'll stop now.