Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sports Spasms

  • Balance-losing Boxer: It's bad enough to lose a fight in the first round, but in 1943 Carmine Milone lost a bout without ever taking a punch, according to Izzy B. of Mission Viejo, Calif. Milone was so anxious to mix it up that he bolted from his corner at the opening bell, lost his balance and knocked his head against one of the ring's steel posts. The blow rendered him unconscious, and the referee counted him out. Gotta admire his enthusiasm, though.
  • Bruised Bowler: Leonard K., a pro bowler in Toledo, Ohio, had never thought about how the pins felt, but found out one day. He chose the bounce his new bowling ball on the sidewalk to test its spring, and discovered -- painfully -- that the ball had plenty. It shot up and whacked him under the chin, knocking him out. It gets worse: Leonard's injury prevented him from competing in a high-stakes tournament the next day.
  • Puffing While Putting: Even though they knew the dangers of mixing drugs and driving, three golfers in Poughkeepsie, NY, were smoking grass on the greens when another golfer asked if he could join them. Smirking and loopy, the putting potheads didn't hide their activity and the newcomer -- a state trooper -- had no choice but to arrest them. The arrest looked good on the trooper's record, but his golf plans went up in smoke.