Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Cold Shoulder

Marjorie L., of Houston, Texas, awoke one morning with a bad cold, but she couldn't miss work. That's because her company has asked her to sit in on a panel for a business symposium it was hosting, and Marjorie wanted to score points with her boss. Her only option: pop cold tablets and hope she didn't feel too drowsy. The meeting opened with a film, and the lights dimmed. Sure enough, Marjorie was in blissful slumber in no time. She was jolted awake by her boss, calling her name. It was his shoulder she has used as a pillow.

One Woman's Bum Is Another's Beau

Annette W. of Somerville, Mass., admits she rushed to judgement when she saw a grubby man outside a convenience store. After she went inside, she dutifully alerted the female clerk that a shifty-looking character" might be waiting to get her alone. "I hope he is," replied the clerk spitefully. "He's my boyfriend -- and my ride home tonight!"