Sunday, September 21, 2008

Skipping First Base

Gina T., of Anaheim, Calif., insists she's a respectable girl who doesn't pick up men. But she could've fooled the people in a long grocery checkout line. Gina was looking at the checker when she reached into her purse and yanked out her wallet. That explains why she didn't see her bra fly through the air and land in the man's cart behind her. The bra was too tight, so she had removed it earlier and stuffed it into her purse. And she thought she was unconfortable with the bra on.

Clinging to His Story at the Office

Co-workers of Ken J., of Ishpeming, Mich., saw him in a whole new light one morning when he came into the office. "Wild night, eh Ken?" One of them jibed. A female colleague promptly approached him and removed the bra clinging to his suitcoat, before giving him a dirty look. Ken, a conservative married man, hadn't become a womanizer. He had simply put his coat down on a pile of freshly laundered clothes -- and static cling did the rest.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Somebody's Mother

Carol B., of Worcester, Mass., was only trying the break the ice at the bridal shower she was attending. So when an older woman entered the room wearing a mini-skirt, platform shoes, gaudy jewelry and tons of makeup, Carol leaned over to a woman next to her and said: "Wow! Check that lady out. Maybe she thinks this is a costume party and she came as a tramp!" The young woman next to Carol made no reply, but stood up and signaled for the older woman Carol had just dissed. "I'm over here, mom," she said.

A Teaching Moment

Katherine N., a teacher from Vidor, Texas, has learned to be more private about her profession after an incident in a busy restaurant. As she and her husband waited for their meals, a familiar-looking man walked by their table. "Look, honey!" She exclaimed. "There's the father of one of my kids!" Her husband understood that Katherine refers to her pupils as her "kids," but the elderly couple gasping in the next booth wasn't as informed.