Sunday, November 09, 2008

Love's Blunders

  • She ain't choosy - Marilyn B. of Slymar, Calif., addresses her cats like regular human beings -- but her neighbor didn't know that. One evening she stepped onto her back porch and called out to her feline friends in the usual manner: "Any of you guys want to come to bed with me?" Suddenly, a voice shot back in the darkness, from over the fence. "Thanks for the offer," her male neighbor said. "But my wife wants me to do the dishes." Marilyn now opts for a simple "here, kitty kitty" to summon her pets.
  • Kiss and don't tell - While at the airport to pick up her parents, Karen L. of Easley, S.C., admired an affectionate couple approachingfrom a distance on the walkway. They were hugging and kissing -- obviously crazy about each other. "Why can't my boyfriend smother me with tenderness like that in public"" Karen asked herself. Her answer came when the couple got closer: the frisky man WAS her boyfriend -- or at least he had been until that moment.
  • She looked familiar -- Brad P., an executive from Milwaukee, WI, had endured an especially hard day at the office, so he looked forward to his date that night -- even though it was a blind date. His brother had arranged the match through a friend, who claimed the girl Brad was scheduled to meet was in the same industry. "Great," he thought. "Right off the bat, we'll have something in common." He was right -- they did have a lot in common. It turns out, they both worked for the same company, and in the same department. In fact, the girl was Brad's receptionist, whom he had fired that day! They didn't have much to say to each other after all.