Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dad Spends Quality Bumbling Time

Picture this classic scene: a teenage son is shooting hoops in the driveway when his dad drives up after a hard day. Dad sees a potential bonding moment with his son. And he's a bit guilt-ridden, because he's been spending too much time at the office lately.

In an uncommon burst of energy, dad drops his briefcase, streaks across the lawn and calls to his son for the fast-break pass. The son happily plays along and rockets the ball to his dad, who leaps for a lay-up in his three-piece suit. The only twist in the oft-seen scene is dad's ankle when he lands. The injury occurs after dad rips the crotch out of his expensive trousers. He misses the shot by a mile, too.

That's John N.'s dad of Downey, Calif., and he loves him just the same. "Dad might think he missed out on a lot of good times with me," says John. But in those small moments, he gave me more laughs than he'll ever know."

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